CHDG’s June 2016 Client Satisfaction Survey: Results

Last month we completed our very first survey of client satisfaction, with surveys sent to all clients who have assets under account management with C.H. Douglas & Gray Wealth Management. Of 88 households, 52 returned surveys, both under their names and anonymously. We encouraged as many of our clients to return surveys as we possibly could and we thank all of them for the time taken.

Overall, CHDG received gratifying ratings and comments, with over 90% of respondents rating our knowledge of investments, the market, and the economy excellent, and 100% rating our quality of investment management and financial advice, as well as our courtesy and responsiveness, excellent or good, with a strong tilt towards excellent. We appreciated the strong scores clients gave us in meeting their needs, over 95% responding that we meet their needs extremely well or very well. We will strive always to maintain and improve upon these ratings as much as is humanly possible; it is our view that we can never be good enough.

But the object of our survey is systematically to uncover specific areas which we can target to improve upon. Though the vast majority of respondents (67%) rated our understanding of their needs as excellent, and over 90% rated it at least good, we see an opportunity to improve upon that rating. We would wish none to feel that our understanding of their needs is not thorough. To that end, we shall in the coming year revisit with all clients our understanding of their short and long term goals, assess their progress towards them, and consider together what further action would help them to attain them.

Finally, the survey also provided us with detailed insights into the value our cleints assign to our various means of communication, including our quarterly reports, our conferences, our meetings, our telephone calls, our e-mails, and our online presence, which insights we will put to use. We appreciated the many comments and suggestions, which we will hold confidential, respond to, and act upon as appropriate. The raw survey data may be found here.

We thank all very much for doing business with C.H. Douglas & Gray Wealth Management. Client referrals are important to us and we welcome them!