We established this firm to provide you with personal, trustworthy, and unbiased advice in investments, insurance, and personal and business financial planning.

C.H. Douglas & Gray Wealth Management can work with you to understand your needs and your desires, plan for them, and get the financial providers, platforms, accounts, and instruments in place to serve them as efficiently and as securely as possible. And then we will work with you over time to help keep you and your plans on track and up to speed in an ever-changing world of opportunities and risks.

Portfolio Management

Developing and adhering to a strategy designed for your specific needs yields the strongest investment returns.

Our research and experience have led us to understand that:

  • Portfolios must be tailored to a client’s specific risk tolerance, tax needs, timeline, financial goals, and personal preferences
  • The greatest consideration driving long-term return is asset allocation
  • The influence of taxes and fees on performance cannot be underestimated
  • The most cost-effective means of risk reduction is diversification
  • Indexing is a proven core strategy
  • There are situations in which exceptional active managers can add value

With these ideas in mind, we develop highly diversified portfolios primarily composed of low cost index funds and ETFs. We pursue financial performance through strategic adjustments to allocations, periodic rebalancing, optimizing tax structures, and incorporating active managers when the need arises.

Personal Finance & Estate Planning

Developing and adhering to a strategy designed for your specific needs yields the strongest investment returns.

Our financial plans allow you to compare future outcomes under a variety of strategies and assumptions – providing you with a strong understanding of the trade-offs and consequences of each financial decision that you make.


  • How optimization of cash flows between different types of qualified accounts can save taxes – and how those tax savings can compound over time.
  • How particular social security strategies can maximize retirement income over different life expectancy time frames.
  • How the purchase of a particular insurance policy will affect you if a claim is made and how it will affect you if no claim is made.
  • How tax savings can be leveraged through advanced strategies for gifting and charitable donations.

Your financial plan is not a static projection. It is a living model that we can continue to update and adjust as life’s changing circumstances give rise to new questions and opportunities.

Business Planning & Services

C.H. Douglas & Gray is for businesses who want dedicated financial experts working on their behalf – with no conflicts of interests or other allegiances.

We offer two main lines of services for business owners:

1) Owner and Employee Benefits

C.H. Douglas & Gray provides consultation on the type of benefits and retirement plans that make the most sense for your business. We will help you to attract and retain top talent and provide outstanding benefits for them with minimal cost and complexity.We also offer state-of-the-art education programs for both staff and management on their retirement plans, insurance, and on finance and investment in general.

2) Business Financial Planning.

Beyond benefits, we also offer strategic consultation and planning on a broad range of topics including ownership transfer, tax strategies, risk management, and economic and investment analysis.